Transparent, Equitable and Efficient.

VUNA Technologies is a transparent, inclusive and efficient ecosystem based in Kenya that works as a digitized value chain, from farm to market to payment, committed to an effort to eliminate post-harvest loss. We empower smallholder farmers by ensuring their crops are harvested strategically and connecting them with markets so they can make the most of their assets.

A mango plantation

Our Mission

We strive to support smallholder farmers gain access to markets through a digitized value chain, and create an efficient agro-ecosystem for all partners in the chain.

Our Vision

We envision a sustainable food system with zero post-harvest loss and food waste.

The Challenges

Smallholder farmers need better ways to monitor ripeness and readiness of their mango fruits because harvest timing is crucial to ensure fruit quality, and thus, secure a better price at larger, foreign markets.
Compromised quality negatively affects pricing and demoralizes farmers, as proceeds do not resonate with their efforts. In the end, they tend to lose hope of affording sustainable livelihoods.


Of mangoes are sold to local markets, often at throwaway prices


Of mangoes are exported to be sold to foreign buyers or brokers


Of mangoes go to waste, either due to post-harvest food loss or lack of market

Our solutions

We are creating a digitized value chain,
from farm to market to payment.

Drone Technology

Drones shoot footage of individual trees in a predetermined, reusable route. Machine learning is used to count the mangoes and assess quality, size and color.

Hassle-free Technology

Collected data is also sent to the logistics team, who brings crops to the control center for sorting and stores fruit until sale.

USSD Payments

Integration with USSD technology, such as MPESA or Airtel, ensures timely payments directly to farmers. This cuts out the brokers, putting more money back in farmers’ pockets.

Mobile App

An efficient, convenient solution for a digitized value chain. Our dual-facing platform for both farmers and buyers allows them to stay connected and informed.

Man in a mango farm

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